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The Art of the Pueblos, 24. Februar 1896

The Art of the Pueblos. Dr. A. M. Warburg, a Noted Florentine Investigator, in the City. His Story of the Surprises Which Met Him in Historical Art Among the Indians. In: The San Francisco call, Volume 79, Nr. 86, 24. Februar 1896, S. 8 (siehe ebd. S. 10 "Hotel Arrivals")

Among the arrivals at the Palace last evening was Dr. A. M. Warburg of Hamburg and Florence. The doctor is a graduate of Strassburg and for eight years past has been studying and writing on historical art in Italy.
Dr. Warburg is the author of severals books, among them one on "Italian Operatic Music" and another on "Poets of Italy." His home has been in Florence, and he has, when not visiting, devoted nearly all his time to the study of historical art.
He has just arrived from Albuquerque and Santa Fe, where he made many excursions to the Pueblo Indian villages and studied Indian art, as shown in the various articles which they produce.
Dr. Warburg says he regards the work of the Pueblos as very curious, and he wonders that more scientific expeditions are not sent out by individuals and the Government to get all the particulars regarding the pottery and other things made by the Indians. He thinks that in a short time it may be too late to collect these wonderful details.
"Fifty years will obliterate them," he said, "and they will be lost to science. Their art is so closely connected with their mythological beliefs that to abstain from collecting the details now is to lose the essence of the art.
"I have spent a great deal of time in Florence studying Italian historical art, but I think the historical art of New Mexico is more interesting even than that of Italy."
"In a few years the Indians will all be educated in American ways and the Indian art will be gone."
"I shall go from here to Japan to study Japanese art for a short time, and will then return to this City and go back to New Mexico. I want to collect more information, and then I may write a book on the historical art of the Pueblos."
"I certainly do not know of a more interesting subject. The art of the Pueblos is a great surprise to me. It is shown not only in their pottery but in all the articles which they make, and is of high quality."
Dr. Warburg will be here for a week or thereabouts, and will then sail for Japan.


Die geplante Japan-Reise Aby Warburgs, am Schluss des Zeitungsartikels erwähnt, fand nicht statt; im März 1896 wurde sie verschoben (wie aus Briefen Warburgs an Charlotte Warburg und Mary Hertz hervorgeht), im Frühsommer 1896 kehrte Warburg aus Nordamerika nach Hamburg zurück. Den Sommer 1896 verbrachte Warburg teilweise in Skandinavien (Fanö, Göteborg, Kopenhagen, Odde u. a.).